Emily J. Fruth

Through Rose Colored Lenses

Glasses, 6” x 6” x 2 1/2”, fine silver, sterling silver, brass, copper, enamel, velvet; plique-a-jour, pierced, etched, forged, fabricated, cold connections, handmade hinges, velvet lined

This piece is descriptive of the “rose colored lenses” through which we see the people we love. They hide every flaw, and show us only what we want to see. The padded velvet lining makes them extremely comfortable to wear, but heaven forbid you should ever have to take them off. The sharp barbs on the back of the earpiece will inflict pain and even injury on the wearer should they attempt to remove them. This is representative of the severe emotional distress associated with the realization that the person we loved is not who we thought they were. This piece has helped me through the realization that I see everyone I love through a lens of hopeless idealism. I smooth their imperfections and conceal their flaws in my own mind, painting them as a sort of Grecian beauty, inside and out. Which of course makes for quite the painful experience once my vision is unclouded. With the making of this piece, I hope to be more conscious of my own tendencies toward this practice, and to arm myself against future self deception.