Emily J. Fruth

A Portrait of a Childhood Home

Brooch, 5” x 7” x 1”, fine silver, copper, brass, enamel, found objects; champleve, photo decal, enameleing, cold connections, handmade tube-in-tube pin mechanism

The building pictured here is the one hundred and change year old farm house that I grew up in for the first twenty years of my life. The champleve flowers depict the bleeding hearts which my mother used to grow in the back yard. A cast and enameled branch from the blue spruce tree in the front yard, acquired with the permission of the current owners, is set on the right side of the frame. The picture hanging from the middle hook is of my parents when they were in college; my mom with her long floral dress and my dad with his Beatles reminiscent haircut and bellbottoms. On either side of this hangs a key. On the left is one of the original skeleton keys that were in the house when we moved in. On the right is the key that fit the lock on the back door before we moved out. Through the making of this piece I have begun to come to terms with the loss represented by moving out of old place, as well as all of the memories that went with it.