Emily J. Fruth

-Herb Fruth

"It's Not My Kitchen, It's Yours and Grandma's"

Teapot/planter, 6” x 4” x 3 1/2”, copper, fabric, thread; formed, fabricated, embroidered

When I was seven, my grandma began teaching me to bake in her kitchen. Now that she’s gone, I still utilize it for that purpose. Every time I do, I thank my grandfather for letting me use his kitchen. Each time, he responds by saying, “It’s not my kitchen, Emily. It’s yours and Grandma’s. This teapot displays a hand embroidered piece on each side, akin to the embroidered tea towels that read “Arlene’s Kitchen” which the two of us used to make together to hang on her stove. One side reads “Arlene’s Kitchen,” the other, “Emily’s Kitchen.” Under the lid of the teapot is a small planter which is intended, rather than for holding brewed tea, for growing chamomile with which to make tea. This piece represents my grandmother’s way of life; a combination of garden, kitchen, and sewing room through which she provided for her family. Through the making of this piece, I have explored my grandmother's lifestyle, as well as begun to come to terms with my own shortcomings in attempting to step into her shoes.